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Looking Forward to September!

      Six short months away and we open our doors.  As for many Minnesotans, it has been a LONG cold winter.  The sound of birds chirping and the smell of BBQ’s cooking, is a big sigh of relief.   As always, we are hard at work.  Creating unique furniture and filling our clothes and hands with the sweet smell of paint.   If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen some preview pictures.   If not, here they are PLUS some more!

IMG_4115 IMG_4118

This year, you can look forward to more benches!!  We also have some great step stools too.

IMG_4120 IMG_4121


IMG_4126 IMG_4128

IMG_4129 IMG_4131 IMG_4135

IMG_4137 IMG_4139

IMG_4141 IMG_4144


IMG_4152 IMG_4153

This cabinet was posted on our Facebook page, but those pictures didn’t do it much justice.  Here is a much better picture of the color of this great cabinet.

IMG_4154 IMG_4157



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