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Only 2 months til the Show!

We are quickly approaching our annual boutique sale.  We are painting our hearts out and starting the LONG staging and moving around process.  Here is a lovely little sneak peek at what we will have in store.  Just a reminder of the show dates and hours.

Show Times for 2014

September 18th, Th. 10-7 (Opening Day!!!)

September 19th, Fri. 10-6

September 20th, Sat. 10-5

September 21st, Sun. 10-4

September 26th, Fri. 10-6

September 27th, Sat. 10-5

September 28th, Sun.10-4



Got Wine anyone??


This dresser is so gorgeous!!


Great bar height table set with nice heavy iron chairs.


Only a sneak peek at this beauty for now.  More photos coming up in the news letter.


Changing things up a bit with color and curtains on the our wall of windows.


Cabinets and more cabinets!



More pictures of this red beauty.  If you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen it first.  Here’s more detailed pictures of this wonderful cabinet.  Barb had to have this cabinet.  And Mark had to take most of it apart and rebuild most of it.  He wanted it solid, sturdy, and perfect!!  And that it is.

IMG_5652 IMG_5655 IMG_5656

Mark picked up a couple of these neat car pictures.  Had them framed, and viola!




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