Homespun Stitches

Refurbished, Repainted, and Repurposed Furniture Unique Holiday Creations and Home Decor


barb and markBarb Raboin started Homespun Stitches in 1997.  She started selling out of her home and doing occasional craft shows.  Then her and her husband, Mark, bought a building in 2007 and started creating more furniture.  Now with over 5,000 square feet they work year round to bring a wonderful show in September.

barb and mark

The show is two weekends in September every year.  They love creating unique pieces that just can’t be bought in a store.  Barb is the creative mind, who’s ideas are unlike any.  Mark has the amazing ability to build or fix anything that others would probably give up on.  Together, they are able to bring an amazing show with such unique items to bring people from all around, to shop.

When they are not working, they keep very busy with friends and family, especially with their 3 grandkids.




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